August 30, 2014

Latest Attorney Cases

Can bankruptcy help you save the roof above your head?

Bankruptcy is the legal program which helps you obtain relief from debts, both secured and unsecured. So, if you are missing out the payments on your existing debts and if you fear that you are going to default on the mortgage, file bankruptcy. It can help you save the home from foreclosure. However, if you can actually save the roof above your head through bankruptcy, will depend on several factors. You can file either under Chapter 13 or Chapter 7, but if you include mortgage within Chapter 7, … [Read More...]

Workers’ Compensation Case, having severe pain after doing jobs for years.

I was involve with one of the client who worked for the company for almost 33 years and got severe pain and seeking help assistance in regards to have workers' compensation. Here is the case description : I have been working at the same company for 33 years, In july, I started to have severe pain in the left side of my upper back and neck and shoulder area, I want to my doctor and she sent me for an x-ray that showed degenitive disk in my nect between C6 and C7, did not show anything else. she … [Read More...]

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers' compensation also known as Workmans' comp, is a insurance program for the employee that provide compensation to the employees who suffer job related injuries includes illnesses. Each state has its own law and programs for workers' compensation. In general, an employee who get injured regardless who's fault is it, while working hour and doing job for the company will get benefit and can sue the case for worker's compensation. Employees usually don't have the right to sue the employee for … [Read More...]

How foreclosure works?

Definition of Foreclosure: The definition of foreclosure is very simple that is if owner can not continue to make payment on time that is interested payment on their loans, foreclosure occurs means the owner will be leading his/her's property to seized or sold. Process of Foreclosure: Well, the process of foreclosure is not that hard to understand. There are some stages/level where owner can find the opportunity to take the advantage of loan and avoid foreclosure. If the owner missed the … [Read More...]

How much to file a child custody ?

If you are filing for local family court, It shouldn't cost you much other than court fees which should be affordable.  If you feel that it's going to be hard or court is going against you, you can ask for adjournment to seek legal counsel. Court will give you some time. You can also try different law firm website to seek free consultation to discuss your case with them as you have get the help from any direction so why not try free consultation with family law attorney and than move … [Read More...]

Type of Personal Injury Cases

There are lots of type of injury cases and for a normal person, It is unclear that if he/she has the case or not. If you have been injured without interaction of other, It wouldn't be personal injury case. It's always best to have a consultation with the attorney for personal injury cases as each situation is different and only attorney can tell you if you have a strong case or not.  Most of the law firms provide free consultation so, It would be wise to have free consultation and provide … [Read More...]

Parents trying to help their daughter for child support

Child custody case vary different in different states. As every situation is different for such kind of cases. Every states has different laws for child custody. Some states preferred for unmarried couple to give the custody to the mother while others states have presume to file for custody. I am sharing you recent case involving child custody to better understand. If you are grand parents  trying to help your daughter or so. It is  highly recommended to have the free consultation from the … [Read More...]

How to select divorce attorney and recommendation?

Charges of attorney vary from cases to cases.  Lots of attorney charge you high, no matter you win or loose. But keep in mind that charging high never guarantee you will win the case. It's just charge you high because of their name. When you try to look for the attorney. Try to make list of all attorneys available in your state and try to obtain the free consultation with them.  After discussion with them which is obviously free for you, remember some attorney allow half hour free consultation … [Read More...]

First time DUI case and recommendation

DUI case should be handle carefully as if you lost the case  at first time there slightly chance that your license would be taken away, most of the time you will have no penalty like suspension of you license etc but if you received it second time or third depend on case situation there is high chances that your license will be taken away. So Do consider good attorney about this. It is highly recommended that you take free consultation either phone or in person with DUI attorney. You can … [Read More...]

Divorce case and temporary court order

Before getting in to divorce case, their are number of things to be consider. As emotional plays a biggest role while making decision to divorce. Most of the time and reason behind the divorce is Emotional feelings driven issues. A part from other issues like affairs, abuse etc. There are number of things one should consider before going divorce case. First thing is where one would live until the case is final. Will I will be given child support or who would pay the mortgage. These cases took … [Read More...]

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